Mia Longman

When I discovered the exciting news almost five years ago that Becky Robinson was forming her very own drama school, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to be apart of it in some way.
Becky inspired me to begin acting at Willingdon Primary school where she was my first school teacher and drama coach. It was there I participated in every one of Becky’s drama clubs including choral and solo speaking which led me to my first solo performance at the Eastbourne Festival. It was Becky who gave me the initial confidence to step onto a stage and perform before an audience, which is something her and Lisa truly excel at.
At The Robinson Academy I completed my Grade 7 LAMDA with Becky, and when drama school auditions approached I was able to work on my acting pieces with her there. Becky supported me with my monologues right the way through to my final audition at BRICTT where I successfully gained a place on their new BA (Hons) Performing Arts Course for September 2017. My other involvement with the school includes teaching and princess/character workshop appearances.
As well as offering excellent training, Robinson Academy’s teachers know how to make acting extra enjoyable and fun for everyone. It is totally admirable to see experienced and passionate performers like Becky and Lisa join forces to help inspire young actors like myself to reach for their dreams, not to mention what a thriving school they have created together. I’m very proud to call myself a Robin who has now spread its wings to go onto the next big adventure. I hope this will happen for many of the talented children at the Robinson Academy.